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Register your interest to join the claim

To express your interest in joining this class action, please complete the registration form below. 


Registering your interest in the class action does not require you to become a client of Thorn Law and does not make you a class action member.


By registering your interest you are confirming that we may contact you to provide information to you about opportunities to participate and developments in the class action.

Did you own shares in a2 Milk Company Limited: (tick all that apply)

It is very important that you retain all documentation (contract notes, broker records or other transaction records) in relation to the sale and purchase of The a2 Milk Company Limited shares as this information will be requested at a later date – thank you.

By submitting this registration of interest, you agree that you are not retaining Thorn Law to act for you at this stage, but you do agree that the information you have supplied may be used and assessed by Thorn Law and it agents for the purpose of assessing the viability of your claim for inclusion in the class action. It may be necessary for Thorn Law to seek further information from you. In the event that you are invited to join the class action, submitting this registration of interest does not oblige you to join.


Registration does not automatically enter you into the class action – or oblige us to accept you into the action.  We will review the information you have provided.  We may then issue an invitation to join the action, at which time we will send you important documents to read and sign - our letter of engagement, retainer agreement and the funding agreement

If you are submitting this registration of interest on behalf of other persons or an entity (such as a partnership, trust or company), you warrant that you are duly authorised to submit on behalf of such persons or entity.

You provide your consent and agree to receive communications from Thorn Law, which may include announcements regarding this proposed class action, practice updates, newsletters, publications, event invitations or other information that may be of interest. You may withdraw your consent to receiving such information at any time by contacting Thorn Law at


NOTE: All information provided in the registration process will be kept privileged and confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent or unless it is required by law. The Privacy Act 2020 applies to any personal information provided by you. Any questions can be referred to

Thanks for registering your interest in joining the claim.We will be in touch shortly with more information

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